Thursday, November 15, 2007

From Piggy Tails to Fairy Tales!

I took this picture before leaving to meet our playgroup at the park on Monday. The sun was so bright! It's hard to believe it's actually November!
The girls really had a good time at the park. Honestly. Don’t they look happy??? Just goes to show that pictures can sometimes be deceiving. Lol

On Wednesday, Doodlebug had to go to the doctor for more shots. We decided to redo her vaccinations because her doctor had some questions about the effectiveness of the ones she received in China. She began to cry as soon as we entered the doctor’s office. It was pretty traumatic for her…poor thing.
After her shots we went shopping for princesses dresses. Isn’t that what all women do to cheer them up? Go shopping???? Actually, Cheerleader is having a princess b-day party next week and the girls didn’t really have any “princess” dresses that fit. So we bought these two:
I just hope they hold up until Cheerleader's party next Monday.

Doodlebug had a pretty rough afternoon and night. She could hardly walk and she cried a lot. She’s even crying this morning as she tries to walk from one room to the next. . I don’t recall any of our other children experiencing this much pain from their shots.
Earlier this morning Doodlebug came hobbling into our bedroom on one of her many visits during the night. This is the view I had. I’m not sure if the pain was due to the shots or those high heels she was sporting! Lol But a princess has to have her heels no matter how much pain she is in. Right?


Anonymous said...

Gosh, life doesnt get better then this. Thanks for making me cry. Hugs to all!

Mommy Firecracker said...


It is better to look good than feel good and DB, you look mahvelous!
[for those young'uns reading the comments, and who are not old enough to remember Billy Crystal on SNL, that line was from his Fernando Lamas or Ricardo Mantalban impression]

Ta Ta For Now!

Mommy Spice said...

Awww, poor baby. I just dread those doctor visits.

I'm still waiting for my niece to bring over the princess dress she bought for S.G. If we don't get it before Monday, we'll have to go dress shopping too.

Mama Ladybug said...

Poor DB, ouch!!! We understand as we went throught he same thing. Thank God she'll never remember it. Such beautiful princess dresses. We can that "retail therapy" in our family ;) Hope DB is recovering nicely.