Saturday, October 06, 2007


It’s been almost 3 years since we traveled to China to get Desheng Darling. It just doesn’t seem possible that so much time has passed! We traveled with a fantastic group of people. Unfortunately for us, most of them are from states much farther north than ours, so we don’t get to see them very often. Today we missed another opportunity to see them when our group held their 3rd reunion in New Jersey and we weren’t able to go. I was really looking forward to seeing everyone, but it just didn’t work out for us…maybe next year. Possibly, someone will send me pictures. Oh...I hope so!!!!

Our girls didn’t take it too hard though… They had their own celebration...
as Princess Presto (the Super Reader) and her sidekick. Yes, you’re right…too much television! I don’t have a clue what they were celebrating but they seemed to be having a great time.

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Mommy Spice said...

Oh how cute!! You never know where they get these names. I found out that Thunder Girl came from the Backyardigans.