Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Dancing with Mei Mei, Then Lunch with the Green Giant

Desheng Darling received the Dance and Learn Chinese with Mei Mei DVD for Christmas. It’s a great program featuring young Chinese girls singing in Chinese and dancing. She liked it, but it lost its appeal after a short while. We took this DVD to China with us last month when we went to get Doodlebug. When we played it for her on the plane, she was fascinated! She was glued to the screen. Even now, if I turn it on she comes RUNNING from wherever she is to watch it! She seems to understand exactly what they are saying and she loves to copy their dance moves. It’s really funny, although I wonder sometimes if she is just trying to hold on to what she feels is familiar.

After the dance recital, the girls decided that they wanted to decorate cookies. Our friend whom I’ve nicknamed Santa Sandra gave the girls a kit that included everything they needed to decorate school bus cookies! (She gives the girls a gift EVERY time she sees them…and we wonder why they are rotten.) Anyway, we had a great time decorating them, but it was hard to keep Doodlebug from eating the decorations before putting them on the cookies! LOL

The real surprise was when I found the broccoli/carrots dish that I forgot to get out of the microwave to go with their lunch which they had just finished. Doodlebug got so excited that she quit decorating the cookie and began to eat the veggies! Desheng Darling joined her. Now if I had really wanted them to eat the vegetables, you know they wouldn’t have touched them. LOL!
Great advertising for Green Giant Frozen Vegetables!


Anonymous said...

The pictures are great!! Now, if you want them to eat veggies, just pretend that you forgot to give them this special treat!LOL You are doing a great job with both girls--not that I am surprised. Love, Aunt Muh

Beverly said...

Great pictures. We have the video Mei Mei serious and I enjoy it as much as Glenys.


Anonymous said...

The pic. are great. Enjoy seeing the girls, hope it won't be long before you'al make it back here.
Love Nanny.

Anonymous said...

Like it's just me spoiling those girls!!!!

Santa Sandra

Panda-Mom said...

Priceless veggie pics! These two are so stinkin' CUTE together!!! Perfect sisters.

Check your email about the party, please. ; )

Mommy Spice said...

Ok, I might need to find out where she got the school bus cookies. S.G. has been trying to decide what kind of birthday party she January. Ha-Ha! Anyway, she love The Magic Schoolbus and asked me yesterday if they had MSB birthday stuff. Yikes!!

Great pictures!!

ADELE said...

Love the cookies! More than that, love the precious pictures of your two daughters. It is just great logging on to your blog and seeing those two together. I can hardly wait for sister activities like the cookie decorating. FUN FUN!

Mommy Firecracker said...

What awesome pictures!

LMF, like DD is no longer interested in Dance and Sing with Mei Mei. In fact, she watched that video once and never wanted to watch it again, despite the fact she begged to learn Chinese dancing. Oh well.

So glad to see DB and DD having a blast and boy do I wish my daughter would eat veggies like they do. I am stuck with brand specific green beans and carrots. From a yucky can no less.