Saturday, October 27, 2007

Oops! This was supposed to be at the bottom of my previous post! Oh well... Don't forget to read it.


Holly said...

Happy Gotcha day!! She is precious.

Holly said...

Happy Gotcha day!! She is precious.

Debbie and Sam said...

Your girls are so beautiful! We wish you lived closer. Elizabeth had her 3rd birthday party this weekend. Devin, Linda, and christina were able to come. It was great to see how much she changed. I think Elizabeth even remembered Devin from China! Will you post more about your gotcha day bracelets? That sounds like a wonderful tradition.


Mommy Firecracker said...

Love the beaded pigtails, a feat I would never be able to duplicate. We love visiting your blog to see our friends.

LMF loved the slideshow. She asked when we would be going back to "the mall with the pet store" to see DD, DB and SG. I told her maybe one day soon!

Hugs to you, from us.