Friday, July 20, 2007


When adopting internationally, you are required to reveal practically your entire life in writing before you are approved to adopt. Every aspect is considered…social, physical, religious, educational, medical, financial, etc. Your complete history, as well as, your future plans are all recorded for the officials to review. Even with all of this information, there’s no way that someone in the matching room could have found a little girl so much like our family without Divine intervention from above. Here are a few examples:
Notice the arrangement of her toys….color coded. When Sister D was young, she arranged ALL of her books according to either the author or publisher. When she cleaned her room, she straightened every part of it…even inside the dresser drawers! She played for hours just lining up her toys….so orderly (something she inherited from Daddy D, not me). I hope DD will continue this habit.
In this picture DD is helping Brother Darling put together a chest of drawers. Aunt Muh, Nanny and Aunt Sherry will be happy to know that it finally got built! We received it as a gift when we came home from China with DD….so we’ve been a little dilatory in our efforts. Hey, better late than never, right? What’s amazing is that Brother D actually called DD upstairs to “help” him. He’s definitely not one to offer to visit with a 4 yr. old without being asked. I think she makes him feel pretty special! She told me the other day that he was her best friend. He achieved this great status because he helped her find the armhole in her shirt when she was trying to get dressed and her arm just wouldn’t go where it was supposed to go. Lol Again, Brother D needs a little encouragement from time to time, so DD is a great boost for him! Just what he needed.
Besides her rather large feet and brown eyes, DD is like me in some ways, too. In earlier posts, I’ve mentioned that DD was really enjoying learning to read with Hooked on Phonics. She gets to add a star to her chart (on the refrigerator) for each book she reads. She now has 10 stars!!!! The HOP kit also includes a CD with games to reinforce what she has learned. She cannot move to a higher level game until she masters the game she is on. As she masters it, a star is added on the computer. Today, I let her work on the computer as long as she wanted. Here are her results: A star on every game…
I kept telling her that she could stop at any time. Her response to me was that she didn't want to stop until she completed every game which is quite challenging for a 4 yr old. A few years ago, my job required that I do an analysis guaranteed to identify my “strengths.” Administrators did this district-wide. My top “5 Strengths” were (1) Competition, (2) Achiever, (3) Learner, (4) Input and (5) Responsibility. Hmmmmm...sounds pretty descriptive of Desheng Darling, too.
Like I said, she is a perfect match for our family….


Mommy Spice said...

You know, God must have quite a bit of input on these matches! LOL!! He matched us perfectly as well, and there are so many things about S.G. that are like us, even when we were children.

Way to go on the reading games D.D. Can she lead story time at our next playgroup meeting? Hee-Hee. Can't wait till Monday.

Anonymous said...

We read your posts almost everyday.
We are so proud of DD!!!!!!
We miss all of you so much.
We are getting so excited about Doodlebug. Hope you are able to come home before the trip. We love you all, Aunt Sherry, Uncle Al and Nanny

Anonymous said...

Like most of the family, I click on tho blog at least once a day to keep up with what is going on with the Darling Family. I agree that DD is a very good match with the family and I am sure that Doodlebug will fit in just as well. We love you all and look forward to seeing you soon. Love, Aunt Muh

Anonymous said...

Our God is an AWESOME God,isn't He? DD is so smart and precious and I could go on and on. Have fun tomorrow at Doodlebug's shower.

BIG hugs,
Mommy Firecracker

Anonymous said...

Forgot to tell you, I finally found the right HOP. We are trying it TODAY. Thank you for the recommendation. Did I spell that right? Always scares me to spell around a teacher, even though I was a great speller back in the day.

Mommy Firecracker

Anonymous said...

I just read your comment at SG about dates. Mt 2 northern girlies want to come too. PM asked if it could be after the move. Will that be enough time before you leave to get your Anhui girl? BTW, a Chinese friend from church said it is On HWEE. Go figure. She translated a letter to LMF's orphange for me. If the northern play date is cutting it too close, will you email me and LMF and I can meet you before you leave. I would love to see you before you go!!!!!!!!!!!

Mommy F