Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Happy Birthday Daddy Darling

Happy Birthday Daddy Darling! We love you!

Yesterday, we celebrated Daddy Darling’s birthday with dinner at a good Mexican food restaurant and a trip to a local book store…two of Daddy D’s favorite places. (We also talked him into stopping by Target.) He’s so easy to please. He doesn’t ask for much. He’s just happy having the family together.

(Does anyone have a pair of scissors?????? BD's hair has got to go!!!!)

Of course the family takes on a totally different personality when the two older kids get together with Desheng Darling. They tend to act just like their daddy-GOOFY. Sister Darling was in charge of DD (and the camera) in the bookstore. These are the pictures I found on the camera when she returned it to me.

DD’s opinion of Harry Potter books. (Thumbs down!) OK, I know she can’t read well enough to actually know what these are about, but I really hope she never desires to read Harry Potter books. There’s enough good literature our there without experiencing HP!

On the other hand….Sister Darling, what are you letting her listen to????? Get those headphones off!

And this was Brother Darling’s idea….

They were just as well-behaved in Target!

Just trying on hats and looking for birds?????

Peace Out

We all enjoyed Daddy Darling’s b-day. Oh, they’re all crazy, but they’re a lot of fun! I’m not sure Doodlebug has any idea what she is getting into. Lol


Mommy Spice said...

Happy Birthday Daddy D.!! Looks like great fun at Target. I love the hat and glasses picture!

Anonymous said...

What a perfect way to celebrate Daddy Darling's big day. Doodlebug is going to love being a part of your family. I am glad to know there is another person who is not into HP either. I just can't get into that at all.

We are so happy we are getting to know you. What a blessing all the White Swans are.

See you soon! Off to clean-I got your email and I still haven't done it either. Then we will try the correct HOP. Bathroom cleaning awaits, guess LMF and I will go tackle that job together. She loves to clean.

Mommy Firecracker

Team Mom said...

Happy Birthday DD! Your family is beautiful! But, one of the first thins on your agenda when you get home will be to have a new family picture done!

Anonymous said...

OOH, I forgot to mention that BD's hair is gorgeous. Why can't my hair grow like that? Back in the day, I really loved guys with hair like that. I was such a R&R queen.

What a beautiful family you have. Can't wait to see you soon!

Mommy Firecracker

Beckyb said...

That's just great family fun!! I love it!!! Families just don't have fun enough - and TOGETHER!!!