Thursday, May 03, 2007

Royal Tooth

When Desheng Darling visited the dentist a couple of weeks ago, her x-rays showed that she had one cavity that needed attention. She went back to Dr. Clark today to take care of that little problem. Not having a clue what she was in for, the little princess happily got ready to go. As usual, she grabbed some toys to play with in the car. I snapped a picture of her before leaving. The dentist referred to the procedure as a mini-root canal followed with a princess crown for the tooth. I don’t know if you have ever had a “root canal” but I have, and I didn’t enjoy it one bit. I couldn’t really get excited about a“mini” one either, but DD did fine. It must have been the giggle nose they put on her with laughing gas.

After a few minutes of nitrous oxide, she actually laughed out loud a few times and chattered non-stop about Tow-Mater and Lightning McQueen (from the movie CARS). I had to ask her to quit talking, so the dentist could complete her work. Dr. Clark couldn’t really understand what she was saying, and she couldn’t work in DD’s mouth with her tongue flapping!
She looks a little spaced-out in this picture with her giggle nose. I think she was just in a “happy place.” This might be a nice thing to have on our next trip to China. (For Me!) lol! Here’s a picture of the princess crown that Dr. Clark promised DD. She has admired it quite a bit throughout the day. I don’t want her to become so fond of it that she tries to get a whole royal family in there. One crown is enough!
No tears, no fuss. Great patient! I wonder if she will still be smiling once the feeling comes back.


Mommy Spice said...

I'm so glad you have these pics. Now I can show Spicy Girl, since she's going through the same thing.

Olivia said...

glad it went well!
I love the pics!

Panda-Mom said...

OK-the "Princess Crown" might be the only saving grace for our visit too! We just have to find a place up here who specialize in the kind of "crowns"! ; )