Wednesday, May 09, 2007


For what seems like an eternity, we have been answering the questions “Why?” and “Why Not?” Of course, the answers we provide only lead to more questions...Go figure.

Some of her questions have obvious answers while others have no answers at all!
(As usual, DD found her way into our bed during the night.) Her first question to me in the morning before I ever opened my eyes was, “Mama, what are you doing?” What did she think I was doing????? I was trying to sleep! It was before 7:30 on Saturday morning.

Her next question to Daddy Darling was, “Daddy, why are you bald?” Another very important question, I’m sure.

Then she asked, “What’s this?” as she pointed to my elbow. I know she is intelligent enough to know what an elbow is, so I am assuming she was inquiring about the less than flattering skin that now covers mine. What a boost to my self-esteem!

Then she asked….
Why is today Saturday?

Where does God live? Why?

Isn’t it amazing how the minds of children work? Yesterday, just out of the blue she said, “John Denver”. I asked, “Why did you say John Denver?” She replied, “Because I love him.” Who knows?

Since Brother Darling’s car is in the shop, I had to pick him up from work. On the way home I heard her say, “This is not good for my image!” Too funny. I’m not sure what image she was referring to. Could it be because she has to sit in the back seat of a VW Beetle?

Last Wednesday night a storm came through our area causing us to be without electricity for 3 DAYS! For one of our meals we went to a local Subway for sandwiches. DD immediately started a conversation with the man behind us. She had the attention of everyone in the restaurant. To the man behind us she said, “What are you doing? Are you hungry? I’m going to get a turkey sandwich.”
The man replied, "Are you going to get a footlong turkey sandwich?" For some reason DD thought this was the funniest thing she had ever heard. She got so tickled. The more she laughed, the more people laughed with her. Then somewhat unexpectedly she said, “I’m Chinese…The little one is Chinese, but the big ones… are not (pointing to Daddy D and me.) Then she started laughing again. It was so funny! We just can’t take this girl anywhere!

Last Friday SpicyGirl came over to play.
It was our third day without electricity—(NO TV, limited computer, etc.) so I was glad to have someone to help entertain DD. I can always count on SpicyGirl to be entertaining! For lunch, we went to McDonald’s . There were at least 17 children in the play area because the local charter school had no electricity, thus no school for the day. Talk about wild!!! The noise level in the play area was unreal. I thought about you, PandaMom. It was almost too much for me, and my tolerance is pretty high. I was a little concerned about letting the girls play because most of the children were older and bigger, but they stuck together like glue and prevailed. No electricity also meant more board games…..Care to guess who was playing by her own rules and winning???
With the threat of more rain and storms, DD’s play group met at McDonald’s again on Monday. They practically had the place to themselves, along with Cheerleader’s two brothers. They had a great time and managed to achieve a noise level comparatively close to that of the 17 children previously mentioned! lol

We missed you PandaGirl and SpicyGirl!


Panda-Mom said...

We miss you, too, but y'all sure do look cute!!!

Mommy Spice said...

Well, I'm glad you finally got your electricity back. You are an awesome mom to take on another kid when you have no electricity. You're very brave!! We missed you guys on Monday. We have S.G.'s dental appointment this Monday, so we may be late.