Friday, April 27, 2007

Favorite Photo Friday

This is the first group photo I have of our little Chopstick Chics. I think it was taken in April 2005. The girls hardly knew each other and were really too young to play together, but they enjoyed playing beside each other while their moms talked and talked and talked and...talked. THEN L to R: Desheng Darling, GS, PandaGirl, and SpicyGirl

Since this photo was taken, Cheerleader and SnowBunny have joined our group. Also, the little girl beside DD now lives in China. Her parents adopted a little sister from China and moved there to work in a school. We hear from them periodically. Life is definitely different for them now. NOW L to R: Desheng Darling, PandaGirl, SpicyGirl, Cheerleader, SnowBunny

Best Friends...What A difference 2 years makes!


Mommy Spice said...

Oh my goodness!! Look how different we all look. What little boogers we had then. I love the "then and now" post. I also love doing favorite photo friday. It's fun just finding random pictures and telling about them.

Are you going to the Dragon Boat races Sunday? I am!!!

Emmie said...

Wow..all the girls have all grown up so much! Beautiful...absolutely beautiful!