Friday, March 30, 2007

Mid-Week Memories

We have really enjoyed Desheng Darling’s short haircut. It's been about 6 weeks since her first cut, so we decided that it was time for a trim. We didn’t go back to the same shop. Instead, I took DD to Elaina, the lady who usually does my hair. She’s very sweet and takes her time. She shaped up DD’s hair and agreed to pose for a picture with her sporting DD’s Hello Kitty purse. Of course, DD’s hair looks better when it’s combed. So does Elaina’s. (I think we will wait on the red streaks until she’s a little older and I’m in a coma.)

DD wore the new outfit that I sewed for her to the hair salon. She looked so cute. I love sewing for her! I know that there will probably come a time when she doesn’t want to wear “homemade clothes,” so I am enjoying it while I can. Thankfully, she left the crown and high heels at home; although, they did add a special touch. I can’t believe that this FREE paper crown has lasted soooooo long. She got it in October and has worn it many, many times.

Daddy Darling worked from home this morning. His job description and office were quite different than his normal day-to-day activities. (Outside view)(Inside view)

After Daddy went to his “real” job, DD and I went to the library. She asked me if she could wear what she had on….I said, “Yes.” Here’s what she wore:

I think I must be slipping…..


Panda-Mom said...

HEY! That hair stylist has a son that is in PandaGirl's class at preschool. Small world. DD looks just darling!!

Anonymous said...

I like the short haircut on DD, Combed or uncomber, she is a cutie. Aunt Muh

Mommy Spice said...

I can't tell you how many times I've been tempted to cut S.G.'s hair short. Since my parents always kept my hair short though, I'm keeping hers long. D.D. looks sooooo adorable with short hair...and those clothes. Well, she's got it all together!!