Saturday, January 27, 2007

A Week in the Life of Desheng Darling

One of the main reasons that I blog is so that I will have a written record of some of the events in DD’s life to refer to in the future. My memory sure “ain’t” what it used to be and I don’t think it’s going to get any better, so I blog about some pretty basic things... this one for example. Things that may not be of interest to some will be great memories for me. If you've ever raised children, you can identify with me on this because once they are grown, you realize how much you have forgotten…(O.k. maybe it’s just the Nutrasweet, but regardless, my memory is shot.)

We started Monday off at the mall with Desheng Darling’s play group. These girls have formed a very strong bond and we all enjoy being together. Unfortunately, Spicy Girl and Cheerleader were unable to join us, but a new friend with a daughter from China met us for lunch. We are hoping that she will become a regular member of our Chopstick Chics play group.

(Think she's tired of having her picture made?)

On Tuesday, we went to Target and bought a table and chairs set with the money that Nanny, Aunt Sherry and Aunt Muarl gave DD for her upcoming birthday. She told the cashier about her Dora Kitchen and promised her that she would bring pretend cookies on her next visit to Target. Here she is hard at work.

Wednesday was spent preparing a few things for DD’s upcoming LE birthday party. She wanted to help so badly and really pouted if I didn’t let her. I quickly learned that there are just some things that a 3 yr. old can’t do! Trying to convince DD of that was a waste of time! One thing she does well, however, is sing the Little Einsteins theme song. She practiced alllllllll daaaaaaaay!!! It’s too bad I haven’t figured out how to include audio on this blog or you would have been blessed with a song.
Thursday and Friday were gorgeous days here with temperatures in the low 60’s. DD and Brother Darling enjoyed spending time together outside. She loved every minute of it! I think he did too.
After work on Friday, DD enjoyed helping Daddy Darling put together the table that we purchased at Target for her b-day. She loves it and it’s great for working word puzzles! The chairs will just have to wait until Saturday. Now, where on earth are we going to put it??? Oh well, who needs a living room anyway?

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Mommy Spice said...

Hey! You didn't include bumping in to Spicy Girl at Walmart!! Hee-Hee. See you Monday!!