Sunday, November 19, 2006

Sunday Blessings

Today has been a nice day. Desheng Darling posed for a picture before leaving for church. And if you are wondering... no, she didn’t wear the plastic yellow hat, although she really thought it looked nice.

She decided to stay in "big church" during the singing portion of the service today. She loves the music! It was so funny...We were singing a song with the lyrics something like: "Great in mercy; Great in power; Great in glory; King over all the earth." This was one of those times when people were really lifting their voices, so DD decided to join them, even raising her hands at times! The words she sang out loudly went something like, "Superhero, Superhero, He’s a superhero!" I don’t know if God has ever been called a Superhero, but in DD’s eyes, it was a great praise.

The weather was beautiful, so after lunch we went outside for a game of baseball/soccer/chase combination created by none other than Desheng Darling, herself. She loved the chase part of it best, as you can tell by the huge smile on her face. This is probably the reason that she grabs the ball and takes off running with it when she is supposed to be participating in a sharing game with her play group. Rules sometimes make life confusing for a 3 yr. old. I think Daddy Darling intentionally chased DD until she was totally exhausted. He timed it just right so that she would take a nap during the Cowboy Game—Great planning! We bought her a new "upscaled" princess sleeping bag to take to PawPaw Darling’s for Thanksgiving. It actually has an inflated mattress in it....pretty cool. Trying to sleep 3-in-a-double bed is the pits. No one actually gets any sleep, so I am hoping that this new "princess bed" will help her get her beauty sleep. Curious George seems to like it just fine.


Mommy Spice said...

What a great day. It was really beautiful outside wasn't it? Spicy Girl has one of those beds for travel. Hers is Dora. We are packing it today to take to Nana's house. Have a Happy Thanksgiving.

Panda-Mom said...

Who is that grown up little girl in the red and denim? She looks so adorable and so different! Love the fun that Darling Daddy and daughter are having out in the sun. Happy Thanksgiving!