Sunday, November 26, 2006

Being Grateful Is A Great Place To Be!

Each year we travel a few hours to celebrate the Thanksgiving Holidays with our family. This year, Desheng Darling was old enough to help prepare some of the dishes. She loves to help me in the kitchen. I am hoping that she will LOVE to cook as she gets older, since no one else in our home (including me) cares anything about cooking! It’s probably a good thing we visit relatives for the turkey and dressing or we might be stuck with "stovetop stuffing" or the"order ahead of time Albertson’s Meal." That would really be sad....Yes, I am thankful for the good cooks in our family, and we have plenty of them. I think I must have received the recessive cuisine gene.

Watch out Rachael Ray!

’Lil Logan Darling joined our family this year for his first Thanksgiving meal. What a blessing this little nephew has been! You just can’t look into those eyes without thanking God for the miracle and innocence of children. They just seem to make you smile! We also celebrated PawPaw Darling’s 80th birthday on Friday. We had a great visit! I must also say that I can’t look into his eyes without being thankful for his wisdom, kindness and the leadership he has provided to his family. We love you PawPaw Darling! Hope you had a great birthday.

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Mommy Spice said...

Don't you love the holidays? It can be exhausting, but there's nothing like making memories with family. I know I look back on the days when the kids were banished to the backyard while the grown ups cooked. We got to have the fun. Now we scurry around the kitchen getting everything ready, stress over what we forgot... but love when the meals all done and we just sit around a visit. Meanwhile the kids are outside making all those memories we made when we were kids.