Thursday, October 26, 2006

Who Needs Superman? I've Got Daddy!

Desheng Darling has really become a Daddy’s Girl. She begs him to stay at home instead of going to work. It sure makes it hard for him to leave. Once he is gone, she begins to make plans about what they will do when he gets home. Today she was pretending to be a queen with a magic royal scepter. She kept waving her magic wand pretending to turn me into Daddy Darling (of all things.) I was really glad when he got home!


Mommy Spice said...

Too Cute! I was told once that 2 is the age of "all about Mommy," and 3 is the age that's "all about Daddy."

We had Daddy Spice's birthday this week, and we did a Superman theme because he is our Superman.

Anonymous said...

What a nice looking man! DD