Friday, October 27, 2006

The Queen Has Spoken

Desheng Darling’s imagination has been very active lately. Yesterday she dressed herself as a queen with her favorite crown, favorite scepter, and yes…her royal robe, creatively fastened with a hair clip. The robe (also known as her favorite blanket) was carefully chosen. I am so glad that Nanny Darling’s friend gave her this handmade blanket. It has allowed DD to be everything from a super hero to an elegant queen, not to mention the many hours of comfort she has enjoyed just snuggling with it.

Normally, Desheng Darling is very helpful, but yesterday when I asked if she wanted to help me wash the dishes, she informed me that queens didn’t do dishes…..hmmm….She may be taking this royalty issue a little too far.

Oh well, she’s still our little princess and we love her dearly, but dishes will be done during her reign.


Mommy Spice said...

What a doll. Spicy Girl likes to get her blankets, wrap them around her neck and act like a "super hero." And you think D.D. likes the boy stuff?

Desert Rats said...

DD is our little queen! Come Christmas the royal desert princesses will help her perfect the art of her queenship and, of course, her chariot awaits with her royal boy cousin who will carry her around everywhere. Queens don't walk you know!!!!! We love you very much!!!

Panda-Mom said...

I AM SOOOOO PROUD OF YOU!!! This blog looks great!!! Had fun tonight. See you Monday!