Wednesday, March 24, 2010

News From Our Little Tepee

We’ve completed our 3rd book in the Kaya American Girl series.
Here’s Pocahontas  helping Aponi with a little bead weaving.
Not exactly like the Nez Perce did it, but fun none the less.
For dinner, we decided to have something called Indian Fry Bread.  HERE is the recipe.  As my family knows all too well, I AM NOT A GOOD COOK and I’ll be the first to admit it. I don’t even own a rolling pin. That’s why the girls are using glasses to roll out the dough in this picture. Surprisingly, these turned out pretty well and the girls had a great time.
Even Chief Daddy Darling got in on the fun.
We used the Indian Fry Bread to make Indian tacos…perhaps a little multicultural.
We even added cinnamon and sugar to make a great dessert!
We ended the week by making moccasins for DD’s American Girl doll.
I think DD did a great job on these.
Next we'll try our hand at making Indian dresses.  I sure hope the girls are learning something  'cause I’m having a great time. LOL  (Most of these activities are not my own ideas, but like any successful teacher...I make good use of my resources :)


Anonymous said...

Keep it up girls, you'll soon be making a dress for Nanny.

Laura O said...

I want to come play some day!

Mommy Spice said...

Your posts make me want to homeschool...a little bit. You girls have so much fun! If I could just teach like that and skip all the other stuff, I'd love it all the time.

S.G. got into Josefina. We read the first book together, then she checked some out in the library at school.