Thursday, August 13, 2009

Summer Reading Program Success

(The last picture taken of Desheng Darling with all of her front teeth.)

After all of the tooth excitement, DD and DB went to a special carnival at the library to celebrate the end of the Summer Reading Program. The children participating in the program earned tickets based on the number of books they read during the months of June and July. DD read approximately 220 books and received 195 tickets! There were lots of games and activities at the carnival. Each one REQUIRED ONLY 1 TICKET!!! Needless to say, we ran out of energy LONG before we ran out of tickets!

Doodlebug loved the limbo!They both enjoyed "dunking" the volunteer!Time for a little lolli-pop picking!And "ringing" the octopus.And before leaving...they both had to have their fingernails painted! The good times continued when the girls got home with a visit from Sister Darling and a little fun in the sun. (We can always count on Doodlebug for the latest in swimsuit fashions!) lol

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Anonymous said...

The Ladybug boots are just the one thing needed to finish off the swimsuit ensemble! Congradulations DD on your outstanding reading record. DB, you did a great job too. Looks like you had a ball at the library party. Sister Darling is looking good too. Miss you all. Love, Aunt Muhl