Thursday, April 02, 2009


Well, that’s the way it appears in these photos of Doodlebug practicing Blast Ball with her team of 7 boys!
(DB and coach)
She 's the only little girl, but she looks as tough as the rest of them.
Looks like a pretty serious team.
Here’s a close-up of that “game face.”
Who would have thought that underneath that hard outer shell was a cute little purple purse that she refused to play without? Lol


Debbie and Sam said...

I love the smile as she takes a whack at the ball. I have been missing seeing updates!

Anonymous said...

Whee! What a relief! I was having serious withdrawal. I love that serious look on DB's face. Hang in there , DB. I know you are as tough as any of those stinking old boys! I just finished an orange play dress for each of my favorite little nieces. Can't wait to see you and DD in them. Love, Aunt Muhl

Anonymous said...

That game face looks intense!! I love the pink purse. That is so typical "Hope"!!

Auntie Anne

PandaMom said...

She absolutely couldn't be ANY cuter!!!!!!!!

Team Mom said...

Don't all girls wear their purse while playing ball?!? And a matching bow!!!