Friday, April 17, 2009

Bluebonnet Babes

It's become a tradition for our play group to pose for a few bluebonnet pics in the spring. Unfortunately, a few of the girls couldn't make it this year, but the ones who came were as cute as ever!
DD, Snowbunny, and Doodlebug
Joined by Baby M Here's a picture of the group from last year and...Just for fun...Here's a picture of the group in April 2007 before we got DB. DD's the one in white on the end.
Heck, as long as we're reminiscing, here's Desheng Darling in 2005! It's too bad I couldn't find a bluebonnet picture from 2006. Oh well...


Anonymous said...

Even if the Bluebonnets were scarce, the girls are still beautiful. After a tour of Texas, we found that the Bluebonnets were fewer everywhere we went. Love, Aunt Muhl

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Debbie and Sam said...

I love the annual bluebonnet pictures! The girls have really grown so much.

PandaMom said...

OK--they are darling, but.....WE SHOULD BE THERE, TOOOOOOO with y'all and SpicyGirl! ; )