Thursday, January 08, 2009


Once again, DD has requested a party theme with NO pre-packaged supplies…invitations, matching plates, napkins, cups, or anything else. I’m not even sure I can buy party theme stickers! With her birthday only a few weeks away, I’ve started my search for non-existent MULAN party supplies. While some mothers may enjoy the challenge of finding just the right accessories…I can’t say that I do! Don’t get me wrong….I enjoy b-day parties… as long as everything falls right into place. It tends to work better that way for my perfectionist Type-A personality. (I can’t believe I just admitted that.) Although I’ve mellowed quite a bit, I still stress WAY TOO MUCH over the little things in life!
But, look what I just found at
Mulan Edible Cake Image

These are TOO CUTE! Now, on to stressing about something else. LOL


Debbie and Sam said...

If you are asking everyone to wear Chinese clothes, perhaps some of the party supplies could be reinvented from supplies for Chinese New Year. The timing is perfect.

Mommy Spice said...

S.G. is having a Littlest Petshop bday party tomorrow. I wanted one of those edible cake toppers, but couldn't find one. So, I took a picture of the LPS Pony to the bakery and am paying way too much for a cake. Hmmmm. Love the Mulan stuff. Wish we were there.

Shannon said...

i can't believe they don't have this stuff prepackaged. What a stresser. Good thing you are so creative! =)