Friday, December 05, 2008


Well, it looks like the wedding may be off….not Sister Darling’s, but DD’s. Let me explain:

DD attends Awanas at our church on Wednesday nights. In an earlier post, I mentioned that DD seemed to be quite interested in a cute little boy named Micah. She really thought that he was going to LOVE her Mulan costume at the Fall Festival, but I’m not sure he even knew who she was. Another time, she was so excited about a new dress she was wearing to church. She just knew Micah would notice it. Instead, he informed her that he really didn’t like girls who talked too much…hint hint.
Last week on the way to Awanas DD said, “I am going to tell Micah that I have 3 Ariel books and 2 Lion King books. He is going to be SOOOO impressed.” This was followed by, “Who am I going to marry, Mama?” Of course I told her that I didn’t know. After a few seconds she said, “Well, when I’m grown up, Micah will be grown up too. Can I marry Micah?” I said, “That might depend a little bit on what Micah thinks.” She smiled really big and said, “Well, you know,…He’s my guy!”
When I picked her up I asked her if she had fun. She said, “Yes, but I didn’t get to sit by Micah, and I really wanted to. He told me not to sit by him. He was just being rude. So, I didn’t ask him to marry me tonight!” LOL Trust me, DD is a very persistent little girl and I don’t think Micah will get off the hook this easily. Who knows? By Wednesday night, she may have another plan to make Micah her Prince Charming.
( I think she may be taking these Disney Princess movies a little to seriously!)LOL


Miss Scarlett said...

She is just TOOOO much! LOL! ; )

Laura O said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAA. Laughing ....too........hard.........can't ...........breath!!! HAhhahahahahahahaha.