Sunday, September 14, 2008

Sunday Fun

Sunday was a beautiful day. We had planned to go to a special event called Culture Day yesterday where the girls would have been able to experience several traditional Chinese activities, but the weather forecast convinced us to stay at home. Looking back, I wish we had gone.

Since the girls didn’t get to wear their traditional Chinese attire yesterday, I let them wear it to church this morning. I love to see them dressed like this. (Notice DB’s hair…we are considering letting her bangs grow out. I’m not sure if I like this new style or not.)
After church and a quick trip to Subway, we took the girls to the park. It was just too pretty to stay indoors.


Debbie and Sam said...

I like the no bangs look. Of course she looks cute with them too!

Anonymous said...

You know, I think DB would be cute with any hair style or even without any hair. Of course, I might be a little prejudiced! Happy Birthday , MD. Love, Aunt Muhl

Mommy Spice said...

I was so sad to miss Culture Day. I still get all the emails, so I knew it was going on.

S.G. is home sick for the second day. I may have to break down and take her to the doctor. Ugh!!

Let the bangs grow!! It's so much easier than keeping up with trimmed bangs. LOL!!I gave up on S.G.'s bangs after two trims.