Monday, August 11, 2008

Who Will Lead Them to Christ?

I recently received my Prayer Bracelet for China. I ordered it from this web site:
The bracelet is to be worn during the Olympic Games as a reminder to pray for the persecuted Christians in China. For me, it has a special meaning because I know that the birth parents of both of my Chinese daughters are most likely still in China. The chance of our daughters ever meeting their birth parents is almost non-existent in this life, but I pray that someday they will be reunited in heaven. I have the opportunity to try to lead my daughters to Christ, but who will lead her birth parents? Without Christians in China sharing the gospel, this will be impossible. Each time I pray with my daughters, read the Bible to them, or take them to church I am reminded of our religious freedom in this country. Wearing this bracelet will serve as a reminder of the lack of religious freedom in their home country, so I may wear mine even after the Olympics have come and gone. The Lord is working through the missionaries in China everyday to bring more people to Christ, so I will continue to pray that our daughters’ birth parents will be among the ones who have the opportunity to hear the gospel and say “yes” to Jesus Christ.


Mommy Firecracker said...

Great post!

One of my friends ordered many of them and gave them to the group of us doing Chinese lessons together. I wear mine everyday. LMF wears hers too.

We are loving the Olympics, especially the girls gymnastics. We are cheering on the Chinese team loud and clear. Right now she is so proud of being Chinese that she isn't cheering much for the USA. Did you know that the littlest of the Chinese team members Deng Li Li is from Anhui province? LMF was so excited to learn that. We rarely run into Anhui girls.

Give your 2 big hugs from us!

Jeff and Amy said...

Amen!! Got mine in the mail and my 17yr old son took it and put it on, didn't bother me though:)

Mama Ladybug said...

I have received mine too and very much enjoyed reading the material that came along with it. I love your post, you've spoke my exact sentiments beautifully. Looking forward to our reunion, just days away now!