Monday, August 18, 2008

THSC State Conference

It was almost midnight when we arrived at our hotel. The girls were well rested after sleeping for almost 3 hours in the car. They were also hungry. Here they are eating a banana in the bed! I guess I was too tired to care.

DD was scheduled to attend a Children’s Camp while I attended sessions. Since DB was too young for camp, she got to spend the day with Daddy Darling in the hotel. She didn't have any trouble leaving me. By the time I saw them again for lunch, DB had eaten 3 Pop Tarts, a package of chips, and 2 cartons of apple juice! Hmmm…It’s no wonder that she loves to stay with Daddy D.
DD's morning wasn't quite as pleasant. She cried quite a few tears because she missed her mommy and daddy, so after a few more sessions she spent the rest of the conference with Daddy D too.
Just one more reason the girls enjoyed spending time with Daddy D.
He’s so much fun! The conference was really good and I’m glad I attended. I need to get off of this computer now and finish my lesson plans for next week so we can actually start school!!!


Mommy Spice said...

Oh wow. How fun. We just S.G. registered for school here. I'm going to sub in her school as much as possible so I can be close and involved. I hope you guys are doing well. I sure do miss ya!! We're trying to get our house leased, so as soon as it is, we will come up to move our furniture out. Maybe we can see you guys.

liasmomma said...

I think you're going to love your homeschool experience!! It's been going really well for us. And even I've been learning a lot of the things that I'd forgotten over time. I'll be keeping up with your blog while we're in China. Let me know if you need any MFW ideas before I go.