Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A Lot of "FIRSTS" for the Darling Girls

We returned late Sunday night from Doodlebug’s first travel group reunion and hit the ground running Monday morning with Desheng Darling’s first day of Kindergarten. She was so excited!
We tried to make her first day a BIG deal with a new dress, etc! She actually had cute knee socks and shoes, but they weren’t comfortable…so I had to give in to the sandals.
She seems to understand that Home School is really school. I heard her tell a lady at the airport this weekend that she was excited about starting kindergarten because it was “the law” that she start school and “she didn’t want to go to jail.” LOL (I wonder where she heard that.) The lady looked quite shocked! LOL

But Doodlebug wasn’t going to be out done…Oh no. .. She had to put on her school dress too, along with her make-up and a just a little spray of cologne. LOL
They really look confident and ready to learn…I sure wish I felt as confident. Not only was Monday DD’s first day in K, it was also my first day to TEACH Kindergarten! LOL I’ve got a lot of experience in the upper grades, but NONE in kindergarten!
To top it all off, Sister Darling started her teaching career Monday! She is teaching 7th grade science this year. What a way to start! LOL Unfortunately, she didn’t send me any pictures of her first day. I know she’ll do a great job. She’s just a natural when it comes to working with kids.


Anonymous said...

Congradulations, DD on starting Kindergarten. I know you and Mom will do a great job. I expect we are going to be surprized by how much DB picks up from hearing DD as she learns. Mom D, remember how it was when big brother was trying to learn and you were listening? I hope Sister D had a good first day, too. Love, Aunt Muhl

Mommy Spice said...

The girls look sooooo cute!! If only we could team teach... I'd take the lower grade levels, you can take the higher ones. LOL!! That's really exciting about Sister Darling. I hope she had a great first day!!