Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Lately, I’ve been “blogger brain impaired” a simple condition resulting in very few new posts! I’m sure that BBI will be considered a legitimate disability in the near future…more than likely caused by Nutrasweet or cell phones. LOL Below are a few pictures of the girls taken over the past few days. Hope you enjoy!
Just before going to the airport Saturday to pick up PawPaw
A common scene at our house...
DD has probably read more books to DB than I have.

Just too cute!
Enjoying the chips Auntie Anne sent home with them... Love those Funyuns!

Oh, and here are the latest two additions to our family…

Muarl and Buck

(Lovingly named after a very special aunt and uncle.)


liasmomma said...

Such cute pictures!!!! And the kittens are adorable as well. The little orangish colored tabby looks just like Lia's cat named Butterscotch. He has the most beautiful coloring and is super sweet. My vet said that orange male tabby cats are some of the sweetest personalities out there. She said she doesn't know why but that's been her experience. So hopefully they will be great cats for your girls!


Anonymous said...

awwww that's too sweet.
Love you,
Cousin Vic

Anonymous said...

Hope your BBI doesn't persist as we enjoy the pics and cute stories. If it does we can go to ARD and put some mods into place, maybe a BIP. Can you tell it's the end of the year?
Dee Ann

Anonymous said...

We are very flattered to have the kittens named for us. It seems that in the distant past I remember some other animals bearing those same names. Which is which. I want to be the one with the sweetest personality! Love, Aunt Muhl and Uncle Buck