Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Bluebonnet Beauties 2008

We went to a beautiful field of bluebonnets for pictures with our play group Monday. This is something I look forward to each year. With 3 different moms snapping pictures, the girls don't always know where to look. They are really good sports about having their pictures made.
After trying hard to smile in the BRIGHT sun, we took the girls to a park to play. The white shirts were probably not a good idea for either setting. Oh well, next year we'll know.


liasmomma said...

I love the Texas bluebonnets!!! I think maybe some year I need to come to Texas during bluebonnet season just so I can get a picture of my girls in the beautiful flowers!! These pictures are beautiful - of course it helps when you have such lovely girls posing for the pics right :)


Anonymous said...

The bluebonnets are beautiful, but the girls outshine any flower you can thnk of. Love, Aunt Muh

Mommy Spice said...

I love to see the different angles we get. I love getting these pictures too. The girls did great!!