Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Hopping Down the Bunny Trail!

Our play group (and PawPaw) met at the mall this morning for a quick picture with Peter Cottontail.
Desheng Darling couldn’t wait to sit in his lap, but Doodlebug totally rejected the poor rabbit.
“Once again” the group picture is not quite complete. Oh well, maybe Santa will feel better now knowing that he’s not the only one DB isn’t crazy about.

But this is a cute shot…Who needs a rabbit anyway????

Hippity…Hoppity…Easter’s on it’s way!


Anonymous said...

I wonder who is having more fun--DD and DB or Pawpaw???? We had a great time. Wish we could have stayed longer. See you soon.

Love you all,

Mommy Spice said...

Ok, you got the best hug picture. I only got the tops of their heads. It was fun all being together today...minus Team Mom and Cheerleader.

liasmomma said...

Love the cute dresses!!!! And they are wearing sandals! So waiting for the weather to get better so we can wear sandals again. Happy Easter!


Desert Rats said...

OOOOOhhhhhh, PawPaw is so cute with the girls! I agree with Auntie A when she wonders who is having more fun - the girls or Pawpaw!! Happy Easter and have fun finding eggs for months to come (at least that's how it is around here each year!) Love you all!

Panda-Mom said...

We had sooooo much fun with y'all!!!!

Check out my links under "Schoolapalooza" and go to The Homeschool Lounge. You'll have fun! ; )

Ski Patrol said...

I borrowed your shot!! You got a good one, and we also had a really fun time. Looking forward to more adventures!
Hope your Easter day was wonderful

Olivia said...

love the pictures!
Hope you had a very Blessed Easter!