Saturday, February 09, 2008

More Chinese New Year

DD and DB had a wonderful time this afternoon at the Crow Museum which features a great collection of Asian Art. There was a special exhibit today in honor of CNY.
As a part of CNY, a Lai-See envelope is normally given by grown-ups in China to the visiting children. These envelopes contain money. DD got the opportunity to make her own red envelope at one of the craft tables. DB just observed. (She had just awakened from a nap on Daddy D’s shoulder.) Many of the children put money in the red envelopes and fed them to the lions during the lion dance.
While waiting for the martial arts demonstrations and lion/dragon dances, DD made a new friend…(Imagine that!) This sweet little girl was also adopted from China. She and DD had a lot of fun as they waited.

Here, the girls are looking through the ends of a Chinese lantern. A photographer from the Dallas Morning News took several pictures of them as they played. I don’t know if any of the shots will be in the paper, but he really thought that they were cute. (Smart guy!)

It’s a shame that this is not a video clip…When the drums and cymbals began to play, DD just couldn’t help herself…the hips began to sway and she didn’t miss a beat! The girl’s got rhythm!!
DD was lucky enough to get a spot right next to the performers and about 2 feet out of my reach ! (How convenient! lol) She had a hard time keeping her hands off of the lion costumes, and she asked one of the performers next to her at least 100 questions! LOL She absolutely loved the drums, lions, and dragon. When she grows up, her goal is to carry the ball that the dragon is chasing in the dance ...just one of her many high aspirations in life!


Mommy Spice said...

I am soooo bummed that we missed this. I just completely forgot. You got some great pictures!!

liasmomma said...

We all got sick at our house so we ended up missing the Chinese New Year party with our local Chinese Culture club. It was a bummer. But yours looks beautiful and it looks like the girls had a great time!!

Happy New Year to your girls from Lia.

Ski Patrol said...

Looks like you guys had a great time--we just forgot!!