Thursday, January 24, 2008

Doodlebug’s Days

The week’s only half over and already DB has had a “delightful” week. On Monday, she enjoyed playing with her play group at Chic-Fil-A.

This was followed by what was supposed to be a “quick” trip to HEB, a local grocery store. Well, within minutes HEB took on a whole new meaning “Highly Elevated Blood pressure” seemed to fit the picture quite well. Doodlebug began to cry inconsolably by the time we got to the 2nd aisle while DD was “helping” me shop...(definitely not a good thing.)
As I took DB out of the buggy hoping to pacify her, I smelled a very unpleasant odor. I'm sure that everyone else around us was also blessed with the aroma. She hasn’t had a poo-poo accident in at least 3 weeks, but wouldn’t you know it…this would be the time! Oh my, what a mess. I held her hand as we tried to make our way to the restroom. Every time I stopped to put an item in the basket, she dozed off (standing up). She was soooo tired! I didn’t want to pick her up, because I wasn’t sure…well, you get the picture.
We eventually made our way to the check-out where the lady asked me repeatedly if I needed any help getting things to the car. Did I really look that desperate? By the time I got to the car, both kids were crying and a lady looked at me sympathetically and said, “I’ve had days like that myself.” I was desperate!I think I saved about $20 on my bill, but I would have gladly paid twice that amount for a babysitter. Lol
Tuesday was a really bad day for Doodlebug. She was lethargic and whiney all day. She didn’t want to eat or play. She just wanted to be rocked. She was a sick little girl. (Perhaps, she was getting sick Monday.) After lunch she broke out in whelps. I gave her a dose of Benadryl, and she slept quite awhile.

By Wednesday morning she was as good as new! Kids are really weird like that. I knew she was fine when she brought a bag of Chips Ahoy cookies to me for breakfast.
It was a good try, but she had to eat oatmeal, instead. Lol

She spent the rest of the day goofing off with DD.
Although Doodlebug is at least 4 months behind on her language development, her ability to recognize letters is quite impressive. We noticed this Wed. night as we watched her play a game on her little “laptop.” While I realize that letter recognition may not be unusual for most 2 yr. olds, we celebrate every sign of progress with our little ones because we just don't know how the past will affect their development. Heck, at this rate, she will be reading before she is able to carry on a basic conversation.
DB decided to reward herself with a sticker (on her forehead!) This may just support the belief that there’s a fine line between a genius and an imbecile. Lol


Anonymous said...

Oh how I can identify with you about the time in the grocery store. Though it has been 48 years, I still remember going through the store with mine yelling,"Whiskeys, Mommy! Whiskeys" She really wanted Cheese twists(Twistys) I am glad that DB is feeling better. Happy Birthday, DD, on Monday! Love, Aunt Muh

Mama Darling said...

Aunt Muh,
That's too funny! That should have been a warning of what lay ahead with VH. Lol She's such a prankster, she would probably still do that in the store today or maybe even worse! Lol She's so much fun!
Love ya!

Olivia said...

such a cute post! them girls are just growing up!

Anonymous said...

Hey you two leave me alone! Who pushed the emergency alarm in the hospital elevator and left me standing in it stunned? Hmmmm?
Glad the girls are doing so well. They are such a joy to be around.

Love ya,

Anonymous said...

Popping in to say hello--my sis got her second cast off last Friday and actually was able to push a grocery cart around Super T today--she has come a long way in 9 weeks.

Hugs from us--and hug MS for me too. :-)

Beth and Grace