Friday, August 10, 2007


After checking my email at least a million times yesterday hoping to find pictures of Doodlebug, I finally had to go to bed. But this morning when I woke up, THERE THEY WERE!!!! I am so thankful for these pictures. What an eye-opener! In my little fantasy world I imagined receiving pictures of a happy little child with a beautiful smile and cute clothes (not exactly.) What was I thinking? She hasn’t been smiling in any of the pictures I have received. This is the same dress that she was wearing on her birthday. Maybe this is her best. In reality Doodlebug is a small helpless abandoned child living in an orphanage totally dependent on over-worked nannies who love her the best way they can. She has no mommy or daddy to hold her, hug her or comfort her when she has fears. There’s no tickling, rocking, reading bedtime story or visiting grandparents. There’s a reason for that “lost” look in her eyes. BUT ALL OF THAT IS ABOUT TO CHANGE!

Just yesterday, I was feeling guilty about all of the cute little dresses that I was packing for her. After seeing these pictures, I may just go out and buy some more…along with a few more toys. lol
Just thought I would post this picture of DD on Gotcha Day. She had the same “lost look,” but if you look back through this blog you’ll see the difference that a Forever Family makes. I can’t wait to see a smile on Doodlebug’s face!

I'm not sure why DD's picture appeared so much larger than Doodlebug's.
Thank you, Chelsie, for these pictures. They just make me want to get over there faster than ASAP. I am looking forward to receiving the others whenever you can send them. Maybe we'll see a smile then.


Mommy Firecracker said...

What a sweet post and oh how accurate. I can't wait to see your Gotcha Day and follow your journey and watch how she blesses the Darling family.

Big hugs from us.

Mommy Spice said...

Um, do D.D. and Doodlebug look alike? I mean, do you see the resemlence (sp?)? Wow.

I remember the lost look we would get from S.G. It does change quickly.

Sophie's Mom said...

Sweet! She will be home soon, and you can work on changing that look! Enjoy your trip!

Olivia said...

haha!! I checked this blog about 50 times last night! awww and here she is!!! I think that the girls resemble in their pics!

ADELE said...

I totally agree with Mommy Spice. I can't get over how much they look alike. It is unbelievable. WOW.
It makes me sad to see that "lost look". Your post was so touching. You are so right that a Forever Family will bring about smiles. It's amazing what LOVE can do to these children. I can hardly wait until you can get over there and get her in your arms. Please know that you are in my prayers and I pray that God will wrap His loving arms around Miss Doodlebug and that she will feel His love. She is just precious.

Kelley said...

Oh my! I've got goosebumps on my arms and tears in my eyes over here! She is just waiting to be wrapped in your arms and smothered with your kisses. It is remarkable how quickly they blossom with our attention and love.
We're sending lots of love and hugs from the House o' Glamour to the House o' Darling!

Team Mom said...

When you become a Mom, you grow a 3rd arm to carry all the "stuff", and eyes in the back of your head. Why not wings so you can get to her even faster!

Anonymous said...

That lost look in their eyes just breaks my heart. No child should have to live in a situation that makes them feel this way. Hurry home with her so that we can all do our part in removing that life from her memory. You are in our prayers. Love, Aunt Muh

oh amanda said...

What a moving post! I'm here from Pandapalooza. Your daughters are just beautiful. Your doodlebug will be smiling soon once she's in your home!