Saturday, August 25, 2007

Metamorphosis of Doodlebug

Saturday was our last morning in Hefei. I think we were all ready for a change of scenery. After breakfast we headed to the airport to board the plane to Guangzhou. Today was a major turning point for Doodlebug. I mean MAJOR. She was her quiet sweet little self on the way to airport…even took a short nap. But, when we got on the plane, a totally different Doodlebug emerged!! She began to laugh, kick the seat, jump up and down, and grab everything within her reach as she squealed and threw them. We had what appeared to be a practicing Confucianist who suggested some various acupuncture –type pressure points to calm and control her. Her behavior was so wild, that I ACTUALLY TRIED THEM! Just in case you are wondering…the Benadryl is already packed in my carry-on bag for the trip home and I’m NOT AFRAID TO USE IT!!!!!! When we landed, she became her calm, sweet self again…for the most part. She is actually quite a corker. I’m more concerned about DD’s safety than hers, because I never know when she is going to throw something and just laugh about it!

We are now at the White Swan Hotel and we are really enjoying it. Doodlebug is grinning and chuckling a lot more often now, but she still will not let Daddy D pick her up. He can feed her, touch her, and talk to her, but he’s not allowed to push the stroller or pick her up. She is quite adamant about it!

Ready for breakfast

On our way to the airport

Waiting for the plane in Hefei

Our Plane (737-300)

Doodlebug’s first airplane boarding pass

In front of the famous waterfall at the White Swan

My post will most likely get shorter and shorter because Doodlebug’s personality is beginning to shine!!! (This is Daddy Darling posting blog for Momma D and editorially, I am not sure that shine it the accurate word, unless used euphemistically).


Sophie's Mom said...

So wonderful to see her coming out of her shell. Looks like you've got your hands full there! ;) What a cutie!

Judi said...

Am following your trip from the ChAdsites link. I expected to see "Doodlebug" written on her boarding pass. LOL! Your girls are gorgeous and it's wonderful to see D smiling. Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Sounds as if Doodlebug jumped right into the terrible twos with both feet. Just think of it this way, BD won't have to teach her all those things --like throwing things. It seems that she had really come out of her shell. I am sure that as soon as she understands what you are saying, you will be able to teach her better behavior. The anniversary party was a great success with 34 for dinner. The pictures of the girls were a big hit. I wish you could have been here with us. Hope to see you soon. Love, Aunt Muh

Mommy Firecracker said...

Woo Hoo!

Only a few more days and y'all will be home. We are so excited DB is emerging from her shell and playful. Hope you get lots of shopping done and are staying somewhat cool. I can't imagine how hot it must be there right now.