Tuesday, July 31, 2007


We had a great time today playing with our new friends, the Ladybugs play group. We met at a wonderful water park. I think the girls could have stayed ALL DAY.

These little girls are just precious and obviously blessings to their families. Unfortunately, I didn't get good individual pictures of each one of them.

Lil Miss Firecracker and 2 new friends Thank you MommyFirecracker for inviting us to join your group. We really enjoyed meeting our new friends and seeing PandaMom & PandaGirl again. We'll have to get together again when Snow Bunny and Cheerleader can join us. Oh, and by that time Doodlebug will be here too!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

We had so much fun with y'all. Thank you for being willing to head north. I already have another idea for a get together. Can't wait to see you--next time Doodlebug will be with you and DD.

I will be uploading pictures to Shutterfly today and emailing them later. It takes awhile to upload those things. Sigh.

Big hugs from LMF and Mommy F

Olivia said...

Glad that you all had a fun day!
I enjoy your blog so much!

Mommy Spice said...

Oooh, you got good pics too. I wish I had gotten more of the other girls though. I guess I just kept following Spicy Girl with the camera. I can't wait to have Doodlebug with us!

Kelley said...

It was so much fun to meet y'all! I can't wait to hear about Mommy Firecrackers idea for our next get together...and of course, we can't wait to meet Doodlebug!

Stacey said...

It was so great to meet you! I can not wait to get together again and meet the new little darling!