Monday, July 09, 2007

Monday at the Mall

SpicyGirl, Snow Bunny, and Desheng Darling met at the mall today to play. This was a much needed outing for the girls. They have been cooped up inside for weeks with all of the rain we have been having. DD and SG chased each other and anyone else who acted like they wanted to be chased until they ran out of energy. After a short rest, they climbed, jumped and rolled over everything else in the play area. Snow Bunny was quite active too. She made new friends and played “away” from her mommy. She has come a long way! Cheerleader and PandaGirl were really missed.
(I can only imagine what this conversation is about.)

After working up a good appetite, the girls went to the food court for lunch. DD and SB enjoyed chicken nuggets while SG ate pizza. They finished up with a dish of ice cream! Yummy!

SG and SB went on their merry way to the Disney Store, but DD didn’t want to go, so we went our own way to run some errands. After checking SG’s blog, http:/ I am sooooo sorry we didn’t go with them to get a pair of those cute shoes!!! We’ve got to have a pair. Instead, we went to Mardell’s and got “Hooked on Phonics!” What a bummer. I’m just kidding. DD is so excited about reading. She would’ve probably picked the books over the shoes anyway, but I’m not sure that I would have.


Anonymous said...

Enjoyed the blog, sorry DD has gotten to big to talk on the phone, love you , hurry back for a visit.Nanny

Anonymous said...

I love reading the blogs of all the Rainbow Girls. We are counting down with you for your trip to China. I wish you were closer so we could shop with DD. The shoes are cute! However, knowing MD, I am not surprised that DD chose Hooked on Phonics. We look forward to seeing you soon. Love, Aunt Muh

Beth said...

The White Swans are too cute, with matching outfits! I need to pop over to Mommy Spice to say hello and check out those shoes. And Miss Firecracker wants to read so badly, I will now need to hit Mardel to look at Hooked on Phonics. Works for me!

Hugs from up North

Mommy Spice said...

OK, the Hooked on Phonics was definately the better buy. I know S.G. would love to start reading. I may check it out from our library.

How about a trip to the mall again next week? I'm sure it's going to be hot....and probably rainy. That way Cheerleader can look at the flip flops as well. Wouldn't a picture of all of their feet in flip flops be cute? They have baby sizes too. I bet you could find a pair to match those cute dresses you made for the girls.

Olivia said...

What a fun time!
Love the dress!