Sunday, June 03, 2007


It’s the “everything nice” part that sometimes leaves me confused. I think of things like butterflies, flowers, baby dolls, pretty jewelry, pretty shoes and nails as being “nice” or “girly”.

Something like this: Or this:Or even this:
DD showing us her princess purse, jewelry, and play shoes
Of course, inside that purse are her FAVORITE TOYS: Lightning McQueen (a race car) and Tow Mater (tow truck) from the Cars movie, Bob and Larry (VeggieTales), along with Bob the Builder!!!

Maybe that’s why this picture doesn’t surprise me:

DD helping Daddy D clean mud off of the driveway after some really heavy rains (which is what sometimes happens when you live at the bottom of the hill)

Oh well, she'll always be our “Sugar and Spice” but we may just have to leave “everything nice” up to her imagination. Does it help that she refers to Lightning McQueen and Mater as her “sweet babies?” I didn’t think so.


Panda-Mom said...

Love all that sugar and spice! Can't wait for NEWS from YOU!!!!!! ; )

Mommy Spice said...

Well now what's not cute and sweet about Tow-Mater? Hee Hee. Will it make you feel bad if I tell you S.G. asked if she could look pretty in a dress tomorrow? She seems to be getting more girly each day. But still, NO DOLLS!!

At least D.D. lets you put cute bows in her hair. She's a doll and doesn't seem at all "un-girly."