Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Desheng Darling spent Monday morning with her play group friends. After a busy Mother’s Day weekend and with the threat of storms in our forecast, we decided to just meet at a local restaurant with an indoor play area. The girls don’t really care where they meet as long as they get to play! Things were going well…They had the play area all to themselves.
Then, a group of 4 boys showed up. Their mother wasn’t with them at the time. Two of them were too old to play (around 11 yrs. old), so they dared the younger ones to go and KISS the girls--OUR GIRLS! I just happened to overhear their conversation…(You know mothers have special hearing when it concerns their children.) The younger boys accepted the challenge and approached the girls in the play area. I watched for a minute and then went out to monitor. I strongly hinted to the little boy, as only a former principal can do, that he had better keep his LIPS TO HIMSELF! His eyes got big and he gave me a strange look. He then went back to get better advice from the older boy because his previous suggestion was going to get him into trouble.
I thought of you, PandaMom. I sure wish you had been there to handle this one!

Part of the afternoon was spent playing with another friend…Napoleon…the roly-poly bug. I think I would have almost preferred the kissing boy! Lol Those bugs are so gross. Thank goodness, she dropped him in the flowerbed outside and was unable to find him.

On Tuesday, after many attempts, DD caught another friend…a butterfly. Yes, we were finally able to catch something besides snowflakes in her net. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to talk her into letting him go yet. I think we will name him Houdini and allow him to mysteriously escape tonight.
Tuesday night, DD spent some time with her friend SpicyGirl. They were having so much fun when we went to pick her up that she didn’t want to come home. She didn’t seem to miss us at all. MommySpice blogged their activities on her blog I am so glad they had a good time.

This afternoon, however, she got to play with her best friend, Daddy Darling. I don’t think she’ll be losing him in the flower bed or letting him mysteriously escape tonight. Sorry, boys, he gets most of her kisses, too! LOL


Anonymous said...

Even as years go by, take it from one who has experienced it, Daddy will always be the "main" man in her life. Even though Mom does more for and with her, Daddy is still tops. No one knows everything about everything like a Daddy. Aunt Muh

Mommy Spice said...

I"m sooooo glad your Mommy Ears were on the other day. We would have been oblivious to the "kissing" going on in the play area, until the girls came out yelling.

S.G. will not touch a roly poly. She is terrified of them. I picked one up to show her they weren't bad, but no way!! She was grossed out.

Panda-Mom said...

Sweet pictures and especially good one of the butterfly! PG hasn't gotten a roly poly yet, but the other day we got pics with her and a lightning bug! ; )