Wednesday, April 04, 2007

A Spoon Full of Sugar Helps the Medicine Go Down

Today was quite traumatic for Desheng Darling. She went to our dermatologist to have a small cyst removed from her eyelid. She actually handled it pretty well, probably better than I did…but that’s not saying much since I pass out watching medical shows on television.

After the procedure, the nurse offered DD a sticker. She refused the sticker and said, “I don’t want a sticker. I want something to eat.” She may be adopted, but we definitely have this in common: When stressed….EAT SOMETHING SWEET! We left the doctor’s office and went immediately to Chick-Fil-A for ice cream at 10:30 in the morning! She doesn’t looked stressed anymore, does she? There is a pet store in the same shopping center as Chick-Fil-A. Of course, we couldn’t be that close to a pet store and not stop by. Daddy Darling has strict orders about bringing things home from the pet store…sort of We don’t always follow the rules, but today we did.

One store led to another. You know how that goes. In the last store, DD found a butterfly net that she just couldn’t live without. When we got home she dressed appropriately in her scarf and crown (not sure why) and set out to catch butterflies. She almost had one here. It might have helped if her shoes had been on the right feet. When they're not, it tends to slow her down a little. (Ha!)


Mommy Spice said...

Did we know about the cyst? Poor baby. Glad it's over and fun was to be had.

Panda-Mom said...

I know the feeling! After PG's 4year old shots we had to do the same thing in order for her to feel better. I didn't care, I just wanted her to be happy after having FOUR shots in her little legs! Yea, sugar!!!!

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't life be great if we could all spend our days chasing butterflies and having ice cream when things went bad? I am sorry we can't make it out for Easter Sunday. We were looking forward to seeing all of you. Love, Aunt Muh