Sunday, March 04, 2007

Who's The Boss?

Saturdays are usually FUN DAYS at our house because Daddy Darling is home. DD and Daddy do a lot of silly things and she really looks forward to having him at home. This Saturday, however, Daddy D had to go to work, so we decided to go with him.
After sending a few emails to the President and CEO of the company, we went to Lover’s Egg Roll for lunch. I’m not sure how much work Daddy accomplished, but DD had a great time!

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Mommy Spice said...

Well that sounds like fun. I remember going to work with my Daddy on a Saturday when I was little. I stuck my finger in the stapler and pushed. We had to go home after that. Ouch!!

S.G. has not had fever since Friday, just a stuffy nose. We plan on going to the park tomorrow.