Monday, March 19, 2007

What's Happening

Just a recap of DD's weekend...
Desheng Darling started the weekend off by making ---what we hope to be--- our FINAL visit to USCIS. I think we’ve been fingerprinted more than most criminals! In order to adopt from China every member of the family who is over 18 must submit to fingerprinting and be cleared by the FBI. Since a person’s fingerprints don’t change (under normal circumstances), you would think that one fingerprinting experience would be enough. I can honestly say that our family has been fingerprinted at least 8 times over the past 4-5 years for adoption purposes by local and federal agencies--(just part of the long bureaucratic process. Please don't get me started!)

With that behind us, we headed to Nanny’s for her birthday celebration and to PawPaw’s for a visit. We all had a great time! Since DD joined our family in 2004, she has been the center of attention at most of the family gatherings. That's just the way it is when you’re the youngest; however, with the birth and maturity of Baby L, she is being forced to share the stage. It was a little difficult for her this weekend, but she’s making progress. Hopefully, this will make the adjustment easier when we go back to China for her mei-mei.

Isn't he precious????

On the way home (3hr. trip), DD decided sing to Brother Darling. BD was pretty patient and polite as he listened to her sing. After hearing her sing the same song about 20 times I suggested that DD sing a different song. Brother D said, “No, let’s just be quiet. She is driving me crazy!” DD in return stated, “ No Brother Darling, Daddy is driving. I’m not. See the difference?” Too funny!!!

DD with her Happy Meal toy from PawPaw


Mommy Spice said...

Her quick wit is priceless!!

We were told last week that our dossier was going to translation, then got a call yesterday that D.S. needs to have bloodwork redone, as it has expired (6 months). Here I thought our stuff was in translation, and now I find out it's not.


Anonymous said...

Two of the best Grand & Great . So proud of them both. Nanny

Anonymous said...

Two of the best Grand & Great . So proud of them both. Nanny

Panda-Mom said...

She totally cracks me up! See you in the morning...hope we have "sew" much fun....sorry couldn't resist! ; )