Wednesday, February 28, 2007


Since DD became curious about addition, we 've been asking her questions that required her to add like, “If you had two apples and I gave you three more, how many would you have?”

Sometimes she just guesses, but most of the time she thinks about it and answers correctly. So yesterday I thought I would try a little subtraction with her.

I said to DD, “If I gave you 3 cookies and you ate 2 of them, then what? She thought for a minute and replied, “Then,...... I would have had too much sugar!” Too funny!
OK, maybe we’re not quite ready for subtraction and maybe she’s not a genius, but she sure is CUTE!


Mommy Spice said...

She's just the cutest ever!! I think her comments are quit clever if you ask me.

Team Mom said...

There is only too much sugar if you have eaten 5 or more cookies!

Anonymous said...

When I hear answers like this from her, I wonder about enviornment vs genetics! She sounds so much like DD. Tooooo cute for words! Love, Aunt Muh

Anonymous said...

She is TOO a genius! She just chooses to be funny (a comedian--like her brother, sister and cousins!) LOL The Redwater Rednecks.