Saturday, January 13, 2007

Ice Ice Baby

Every Saturday is a special day for Desheng Darling. It’s White Donuts and Chocolate Milk Day! We all drive down to the local convenience store and buy a very non-nutritious breakfast. DD loves it! Unfortunately, today we woke up to a Winter Storm Warning which for us means…Ice Ice Baby (for you old rappers). We still had several hours before conditions were predicted to get really bad, so off we went.
Daddy Darling and DD ready to go for breakfast!

Most people (with any sense) would have stayed at home for the remainder of the day. But not us...we had to run to Wal-Mart. Daddy Darling needed a new book, DD needed a Strawberry Shortcake DVD, and I knew that I could find something that I needed, so again, off we went.
Several of my blogger friends have little girls who are DD’s age. They often speak of how wonderful it is to have little girls and about all the pretty little pink frilly things that their daughters love. Well, life is not always pink and frilly with DD. For example, today at Wal-Mart she found two things that she wanted. I told her she could have only one.

Strawberry Shortcake Art Tablet with Crayons...OR...Ugly Teeth Party Favors

Is there any doubt which one she chose?????

Don’t worry, mothers, we won’t use these for party favors at our Strawberry Shortcake B-day party in a few weeks!


Anonymous said...

She's no dummy. She knew she would get the Strawberry Shortcake book for her birthday and besides, she is her daddy's girl! Did Daddy Darling wear a pair of them also?

Desert Rats said...

Good to see this post because we all woke up Saturday morning wondering if DD and her Daddy had gone to get white donuts and chocolate milk....can't say our breakfast was any more nutritious -- we had the opposite though -- chocolate muffins and white milk!!!! Love you all -- hug DD and JP for us! And hugs to you and Daddy D, too.... xoxoxxo

Mommy Spice said...

I am laughing in my seat!! She is such a hoot!

Don't worry. When Spicy Girl and I were at Target the other day, we walked down the doll aisle. Her comment was, "Eww, dolls." Now I was a doll lover, but not my girl.

Team Mom said...

Our boys have given "Ugly Teeth" as party favors! Cheerleader would LOVE to get them in a goody bag. That is just our humor!