Sunday, December 10, 2006

What was Santa Thinking?

I will be one of the first to admit that Santa is a pretty remarkable fellow. I mean, Donald Trump has nothing on this guy! Old SC runs a pretty tight ship. He has a great relationship with his employees (elves) resulting in a 0% turnover rate. His time management skills are unsurpassed.. Around the world in less than 24 hrs? Whew! That’s fast. And just think about his fiscal management. Not once, have I ever heard of possible layoffs, the need to raise prices, or stock market problems with North Pole Industries. He’s even doing his part to protect against global warming (something near and dear to his heart) by using reindeer instead of burning fossil fuels for transportation. (Al Gore loves Santa.) To top it all off, he has managed to remain the CEO of his company for hundreds of years with no known scandals. Like I said, a pretty
remarkable guy; however, he really blew it at our Christmas parade. Let me tell you why.

Desheng Darling was so excited about going to the local Christmas parade, as you can tell by this picture of her jumping up and down waiting for the parade to start.

Of course, watching the parade entries and picking up the candy that was being thrown was fun, but what she really wanted to see was Santa Claus. Her eyes lit up when she saw him riding on the back of the local fire engine. But this is where the happy story ends. Right as the fire engine got even with DD, they blew the Klaxon air horn....wouldn’t you know it? Her hands went over her ears and she began to cry! It was just too loud. Santa blew it in more ways than one. I must ask, "What was Santa thinking????"


Anonymous said...

Santa will have some explaining to do when DD goes to visit him!

Mommy Spice said...

Great story!! Now I'm not so sorry we missed the parade. S.G. would have hated the loud horn as well.