Thursday, December 21, 2006

Special Delivery!

Desheng Darling must have been especially good this year, because Santa came to our house EARLY!! Ok, ok…. it had nothing to do with her behavior, and everything to do with her sister’s work schedule and the fact that we will be out-of-town for Christmas! Santa has always come to our house early to allow us to travel “home for Christmas” and thankfully this year was no exception.

Since we were visiting with friends in the family room (where the fireplace is), Santa had to leave DD’s gift at the front door. There were too many people, and he just couldn’t risk being seen, especially since he wasn’t following his designated flight plan.

DD was thrilled with her gift….a Talking Dora Kitchen! It’s a shame Santa didn’t have time to put it together before leaving the North Pole, but I guess that’s what happens with rush orders!

After receiving Santa’s gift, DD opened her other presents. She was thrilled with her guitar from Brother and Sister Darling and her camera from Mommy and Daddy Darling.

She also received some very nice gifts from our close friends. We all had a wonderful time, received some very special gifts and enjoyed being together. I love Christmas with my family!


Anonymous said...

I am glad DD had a fun early Christmas! Think of all the wonderful things she will be making with her new kitchen. Maybe she can help MD with the pictures in the blog! We pray you will be safe on the road during the Holidays. Have a great Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Thanks you got my day going good.She looks happy in the pic.Look forward every day to the blog.Nanny

Mommy Spice said...

What fun. Spicy Girl has already organized her presents in to one pile. She tried taking them into her room, but I had to put my foot down on that. Isn't Christmas fun with little ones? This has been a really fun one with S.G. BTW, S.G. would like to come over and play with that Dora Kitchen. She and D.D. may have a bit of a knock down....but they'll get over it...right?