Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Now That’s a Merry Christmas!

Once again, we enjoyed a wonderful Christmas. We spent Christmas Eve at Nanny Darling’s house (aka the Home of the World's Best Homemade Candy.) We exchanged gifts, visited with relatives, ate good food and enjoyed being together. Desheng Darling gets a lot of attention from both sides of our family and loves every minute of it. She received several gifts, including many things to go with her new Dora Kitchen. She was thrilled. This is a picture of DD helping Nanny Darling open her presents.
DD is the youngest grandchild on Daddy Darling’s side of the family. There are several teenage (or almost teenage) grandchildren, as well as grandchildren in their early twenties. DD is never in need of anything. They play with her and allow her to participate in their activities. This is a picture of some of the grandkids. I wish I had one of all of them, but it is hard to get them all in one place at the same time! These are great kids who love each other very much.

Although Christmas was really great, and it really was, …there was someone missing this year. An empty chair at meal time, an unheard voice during the Cowboy game, and one less “Christmas Eve gift” greeting ( a family tradition) were all reminders of how much we miss MeeMee Darling. The only gift that she ever asked of her family was that they spend quality time together. That pleased her more than anything else. As you can tell by the smiles on the grandchildren’s faces, she wouldn’t have been disappointed.
Although the tears are flowing as I write this I know she was not sad this year. She was celebrating with the Guest of Honor at the best birthday party ever. Now that’s a Merry Christmas!


Team Mom said...

What a beautiful family! Looks like everyone was having a good time. We are lloking forward to seening you in the New Year!

Panda-Mom said...

Glad to see that your family could celebrate even though missing MeeMee. She sounds dearly loved. ; )

Mommy Spice said...

Tag! Your it. See my blog.

Mommy Spice said...

Looks like a wonderful Christmas. It's so nice having family to make memories with, and reflect on memories past.