Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Over the River and Through the Woods

Two mornings per month our local library has "Story Time" for pre-school aged children. Today, Desheng Darling’s friend, Spicy Girl, went with us to the library. They were so cute together. They sang songs, and listened (sort of) to stories about Thanksgiving. (The attention span of a 3yr. old leaves a little to be desired.) One of the books they chose to read today was Over the River and Through the Woods. I remember singing this as a song in primary school. It still brings back great memories of family Thanksgiving dinners that I enjoyed as a
child. Next week we will be creating new Thanksgiving memories. I hope DD will grow up cherishing these memories with her forever family as much as I cherish mine.

We have so much to be thankful for!


Anonymous said...

Looking forward to seeing you all next week.Got a card game planned Hope you know who has brushed up on her game. Loving the blog, starts my day.Love You all.

Mommy Spice said...

You'll have to email me some of these pics. If you already have, I haven't looked at my email yet. Thanks for keeping Spicy Girl. You were a lifesaver!!

Panda-Mom said...

Darling and Spicy are looking so sweet! I wonder if the girl reading the book would love that shot of herself with her mouth wide open...what do you think? HA!!! ; )