Sunday, November 12, 2006

A Grand Visit!

(I had several pictures to post on this blog entry, but I just couldn't get them to frustrating!)

DD has had a very good week. Her PawPaw Darling came to visit us for several days. This was a very special trip for all of us, because it is the first time PP Darling has come to visit since MeeMee Darling went to live with Jesus.

Since PPD came alone, he had to provide twice as much love and attention, but I think he received twice as much love in return. MM Darling would have been so proud of him! He colored pictures of Elmo, watched hours of children’s television shows, read numerous books about numbers, letters, big bad wolves and cute little characters, and did his share of rubbing DD’s back and engaging in tickling sessions that she absolutely loved. Not to mention supplying DD with enough chocolate to keep her in an eternal hyper mode, using some excuse about the health benefits of dark chocolate.

PawPaw Darling even chose to ride in the back seat of the car enduring miles and miles of preschool chatter and humor. He didn’t even gag when DD got car sick and upchucked in Daddy Darling’s new car. That’s saying a lot for PPD! (We won’t discuss Daddy Darling’s response...just kidding. )

One thing that really touched my heart was when PP Darling sat down at the table and began to clip coupons from a newspaper that he had brought with him. He meticulously looked at each one to determine if it was something that Sister Darling might want or need. Then, he placed them all in an envelope to give to Sister D. Evidently, this is something MM Darling did for the college grandkids and he has continued to do it. I’ll bet she’s smiling from above. Of course, DD had to help...another fun activity provided by PPD!

When you really stop and think about it... Grandparents are just that– GRAND! DD is so fortunate. She has been blessed with wonderful grandparents who love her beyond words. I think the sparkle in her eyes expresses how she feels about them! They can come visit anytime!


Mommy Spice said...

I agree. Grandparents are spectacular. Much of my childhood was spent with my grandparents, and I am ever so thankful for every moment I had with them. Spicy Girl is blessed to have wonderful grandparents as well.

desert rats said...

We had the same experience when PPD came to visit us recently -- it was GRAND....It was hard to read through this blog entry without crying because we miss MeeMee so much, but PawPaw sure knew how to make the visit special and let us know how happy he was to be with each and every one of us just like he did with you over the weekend. We agree that Meemee is DEFINITELY smiling from above and we're thankful for PawPaw's continuing rituals (clipping coupons for the kids) and traditions and his care and love for all of us.