Saturday, November 04, 2006

Daddy Darling's New Toy

There’s never really a good time to buy a new car, but today we had to bite the bullet and just do it. We were thankful that Daddy Darling’s car actually made it to the dealership to be traded in. I think Daddy D is pleased with his new black VW Jetta GLI. It’s a pretty car that’s never been wrecked, has electric windows that actually work, has a transmission that knows when to change gears, and a radiator that doesn’t overheat. In addition, the brakes actually work and the rear end doesn’t sound like it’s going to fall out from under the car every time it hits a bump. I do kind of miss that familiar groaning sound that we so frequently heard every time that the steering wheel was turned, but I am sure I will get over it. Yes, I think it was time to buy a new car. (Sure going to miss paying $60.00 to fill up the tank though.)
Although Desheng Darling requested an orange car, she seems to be pleased with our choice.


Mommy Spice said...

Love It!! We are going to be there soon. What's scary is both of our cars have a lot of miles and may poop out at the same time. Yikes. Anyway, D.S. wants to get a VW next. He has a diesel now and wants us both to have diesels. I'm fine with that. I dread having to get a new car, but will enjoy one when the time comes. It's just nice having no car payments right now.

Panda-Mom said...

Sweeeeeeeet! We are going to be on that band-wagon as well, but ours is for a second econo-car with good resale. We'll chat tomorrow. BTW, what ARE we doing tomorrow?

Mommy Spice said...

More!! More!! I need more pictures.... Hee-Hee.