Tuesday, October 24, 2006


For several months, I have contemplated creating a blog. Today I decided to go for it! What better way is there to share "day to day" happenings with our family and friends? So here goes!

Approximately 2 years ago we adopted our little Desheng Darling from China. I know many of our friends and family members thought we were absolutely crazy! I must confess that I sometimes questioned the idea myself. At the time of the adoption we had 2 wonderful children, well-established careers, a new home and life was good. What more could we want? Yet, when God places something on your heart you know what you must do... no matter how crazy it seems. I am soooo thankful that God didn't allow us to chicken out. He just kept tugging on my heart. Every time I prayed for direction in this matter, He gave it to me. Our lives have changed considerably during the last two years...What a blessing our Desheng Darling has been!

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Mommy Spice said...

This picture of D.D. is precious. There's a little of that lost look, but you can see the hope in her eyes of what's to come.